Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm Getting Married!

This Christmas goes down in history as the best one ever. Not only did I get a Wii Fit I got a Fiance. They are so close, I don't know which one is better. Not really, the Fiance is soooo much better.

My boyfriend, now fiance, decided to show up a day earlier then expected. And on that early day he proposed. So we are now getting married! So excited!!

To add to the wonderful holiday season we went on a cruise to the Bahamas over Christmas. The weather was perfect. Although the stores were all closed in the Bahamas for Christmas, we enjoyed the beach anyways. My fiance enjoyed the bottomless rum drinks more. And we both love our Ship on a Stick trophy we won for the scavenger hunt against the 9 year olds. lol.

After 5 days of being on the cruise boat I am feeling a bit of the rocking motion still. Wonder how long it will take for me to feel like I am off the boat. Also wondering why restaurants are expecting me to pay for my food now. Don't they know that food is free for you when you cruise? Or does that stop when you hit land?

With my fiance being in the military we are planning a wedding in about a month and a half. The last day of our trip was spent making lists and smoothing out the details before my fiance had to go back up to base.

So far we have decided on an outdoor wedding and our colors are Turquoise, Black and white. This wedding is definitely on a budget and short timeline. Two things that generally don't go together.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this process easier and more affordable please comment links and tips. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Giveaway

Joni Chadwell
You are my winner! Congratulations!
An email has been sent with directions.
Failure to respond within 3 days will result in a new winner being drawn.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Giveaway - Extra Special

Starts: Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Ends: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 Noon EST

Enter to win this beautiful charm bracelet. Handmade by myself.
Perfect for the holiday season and perfect for year round wear.

  • Sizeable up to 8"
  • Made from hand selected glass beads and silver filigree charms
  • Retail: $28
Open to U.S. entries to ensure Christmas delivery

How I got my start:
"I remember when I was little I started a dream book. One that had all the business ideas I wanted to have when I got older. One was to travel the world and buy beads. Well I can't travel the world but I can make jewelry that is unique and affordable. So I guess my dream came true in a different way."

Something funny about my craft:
"I have a tendency to fling beads by accident. When I try to use the beading wire the little bead gets on the end and launches itself across the room...kinda like pole jumpers. That is why I prefer metal work."

The rules and how to win:
It is fun and simple.

1. Stop by my online shop here and take a look around.

2. Choose your favorite item. (And yes, these items are for sale, so feel free to do some shopping while browsing) - Free shipping event going on right now...FREE SHIPPING on orders placed before Dec. 17.

3. Come back here and comment this post with your favorite item.

4. Include a way to contact you - email or etsy name to convo (no contact info disqualifies your entry)


1. Blog about my giveaway or post on your website. Send me an email with the website address.

2. Make a purchase from my online store between the contest dates. Put BLOGENTRY in the coupon section for an extra entry and a FREE gift.

3. If there are more then 100 entries I will give EVERYONE an addition entry.

4. Sign up for my e-mailing list that includes specials and coupon codes here.

Starts: Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Ends: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 Noon EST

Winner will be notified by method of contact left within 5 hours of contest end.
You must notify me by 7AM EST your contact info to guarantee delivery by Christmas.
I am not held responsible for delays due to mail carrier workload.
If the winner has not responded within 3 days the next winner will be notified and so on.

If you would like to participate in a future giveaway contact me at my email.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Morocco Shrine Christmas Craft Fair

The set up for these events has now become a science that I have down pat. Everything gets packed into the SUV the night before and the totes are packed in the order of what I will need to unpack first. For example: table cloths go on the top of the totes. Duh...why did it take me 4 shows to figure that one out?

My friend Liza came up with this great idea to use a rolling suitcase for my items.
This helped so much and I was able to get rid of one plastic tote. The suitcase rolling behind me while I had a christmas tree under one arm and the purse under the other went very well. Saved me a trip. A long trip. Maybe not that long, but when you are carrying everything and all the other participants are wizzing past you with carts you secretly wish one of their wheels would pop off and go rolling so they could feel the pain you feel as you lug the tables on your back.

Setup was the night before. This being my first event that I left my displays overnight...I felt like a mother leaving her child at school for the first time. You hope no one messes with them and you are fully prepared to kick someone's butt if they do.

I returned the next morning to find everything the way I left it. Breathed a breath of relief and my mother and I began setting up the important stuff. The jewelry. Que the glowing light from above shining over the jewelry.

Me being the nerd I am, I decided to wear a santa hat.

Thank goodness I did. It was so cold in the building I feared my jewelry would have ice hanging from it.

This was my first use of my new 4ft prelit christmas tree. For some reason I thought 4 feet was a lot taller. I had a charlie brown tree. It worked out great. My mother decorated it and for the life of me I can't figure out why she put ornaments on the back of the was facing the wall. I had to pick on her about that one.

Things were severely slow the first day for all vendors. Shoppers didn't seem very happy and they didn't want to stop and chat. I remember quite a few of them would pick up their speed as they walked past my booth after I greeted them with a sincere good morning. I am not that scary. I wore my makeup. Sheesh.

Day one was also the day to test out the concession stand food. Every 15 minutes for 8 hours the announcer would come on over the loud speaker and announce that there was food to eat and they had the best hot dogs in the area.
As the announcements would come the announcer would tell everyone gradually how the hot dogs were the best in the city, then state then united states. It was funny if you paid attention to him. I did have one. It was pretty good. Not the best though.

Day two went a bit better. It seemed that shoppers were in a better mood and wanted to chit chat more. Also they wanted to purchase more. It was a way better day for everyone. I didn't scare any customers away. I think.

I was dissapointed to find out my booth neighbor did not make their items. They imported them from Indonesia. The way I found this out? I squinted real hard and saw the "made in indonesia sticker" The rules clearly stat you must handmake all your items.

Many other rules were broken booth sharing, no canopies indoors and no sale signs. Things were not enforced and that made the event a bummer for me. I follow the rules. If you don't follow them I think you should be repremanded. Maybe make that person wear their underware on their heads? I think that would prevent anyone else from breaking the rules.

In my opinion the event was just out to make their money and that was it. Especially when almost every 5th booth out of 140 booths was jewelry. They said it was juried and limited on how many people were allowed per category but obviously their limit is high or they did not follow their guidelines. I will not be doing this event again.

I am excited though. I have another event this Saturday. More information is here. I am hoping this event goes better. This will be my last one of the year and I would like to go out with a bang. A good bang.

Please stop by and say hello. Also get a free promo pack from Artists from around the world.

Thank you...
Denice for sticking out two very long days and many trips to the car with the heavy heavy gear.

Heather for being our bouncer/muscle. If there was a light in our face she did not hesitate to take care of the situation.

To all the wonderful people I met at this event...customers and other event participants

And finally to all of the promo pack participants who sent me their samples and promo items. The packs went over well and you will be happy to know they made it into the hands of many people. I am sending lots of sales wishes your way. There will be another post on the blog about the participants and photos to go with also. Coming soon!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Sale

Everything Ships FREE Until Saturday
Anything else need to be said?
I think it explains itself.

Shop the SALE here

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mexican Gone Bad...(Not the way you are thinking)

Today my mother and I carpooled to work. Generally on these days we treat ourselves out to lunch together.

Being the coupon queen that I am, I went on's website and purchased a gift certificate for a local Mexican restaurant. (mom and pops type) The gift certificate stated $10 off of $20 purchase plus 18% gratuity. I got this certificate with a coupon code for 60¢.

We arrived at the restaurant. After placing our drink orders I showed the waiter the gift certificate. This way he could call it into to validate it with enough time.

WRONG thing for me to do I guess. He got all huffy and took it to someone and started yelling in Spanish back and forth. They did not want to take it but in the end of it all they honored it...kinda.

Finally got our food.
1-Plain cheese quesadilla
1-Chicken and cheese quesadilla
1-Queso dip

Food was good. Then came the bill. Then the food wasn't so good. They must have hid gold rice in my food because that is how much it cost.

Bill came to $32 plus a 20% gratuity. Not deserved. He was slow and kept forgetting about us. I don't mind tipping for great service.

There is no way the food cost that much. So I questioned the bill to the waiter. I asked if a plain cheese quesadilla cost the same at a chicken and cheese quesadilla - $9 each. He said yes. I said why. He said they were having money problems. What the heck, that is not my problem. You don't charge your customer more because you are having money problems.

After the tip and the gift certificate I still paid $28. I am fuming mad. Being in the customer service industry and an ex server myself I demand a certain level of customer service. If that makes me a bad person than I am real bad.

I get back to the office and decide that I am going to call the restaurant and speak to the manager. Now here is what will make you laugh....

I dial the number and a gentleman comes on. (Well I wouldn't call him a gentleman now).
I ask to speak to the manager in my calmest voice.
He says No. Just No.
So I say I am a customer (just in case he thinks I am a telemarketer or something) and I would like to speak to his manager.
He says No. Again with the No.
So I say sweetly, when will he be available to speak.
The guy puts the phone down and starts talking to other people about nothing to do with our conversation.
I hung up. Well more like I slammed the phone down and the building must have shook from the impact.

They better believe that I will be getting in touch with the owner now. This is unacceptable.

So I called my mother to tell her I had gotten nowhere on this with the manager. She just laughed. That kind of laugh like, I know you just fell down three flights of stairs and broke your nose but it was still funny kind of laugh.

We both wondered what the world would be like if you called someplace for customer service and all you got was a No.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

has received a face lift, botox and a tummy tuck.

The introduction page is now a lot easier to navigate. It allows the customer/viewer to choose the path they desire instead of wandering aimlessly around my website trying to find what they are looking for. (And hopefully what they are looking for is my services or jewelry...both rock to.)

Glitzy Gallery Jewelry was fun to design. I was able to add a lot of fun features, including the Online Support function. So if you stop by the shop and I am online, please say hello. Also if you ever have any questions on anything on my website please use the contact link or send me a message through the online support.

Still trying to get the hang of the photos. Taking pictures for my Etsy shop wasn't a problem except I had to sit outside on the sidewalk with a white Pyrex dish to take the pictures. I got some weird looks from my other condo neighbors. Plus a pain the neck. So I decided to make my own light box using a tutorial from somewhere on the web (I can't remember). The first photo was GREAT! Then all of a sudden they all turned pink. Any suggestions....

Also, I will be taking all the shop inventory with me for my show on the 22nd and 23rd. If you see something you like, it is best to get it now or it may be gone. Actually there is a good chance it will be gone. I generally sell most of my inventory at the shows.

Sign up for the mailing list to receive once monthly coupons and special deals.
There will be awesome specials going on the day after Thanksgiving!!!

Now back to the website

The graphic design side of the website turned out better than expected. It has all the information anyone needs to know about my services. I truly enjoy designing websites the most when it comes to my design work. With business cards and print work I never get to see the final product.

Please stop by and comment here what you think. Click on the photos to be taken to the website. The site is best viewed through FireFox. I would really appreciate your feedback.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cell Phone Diary - November 4th, 2008

I am introducing something new to the blog today...


So I saw something interesting yesterday and just had to have a photo. I dug out the cell phone. Got it all ready to take a photo and bam, the memory was full. I was waiting for this day. I have had the phone for about a year now and take tonnnnns of photos. I never clean them off. So last night I decided to take a trip down memory lane. I will be sharing photos and the stories behind them over the next few weeks.

Dear Diary...

This was on mother's day this past year. I took my mother out to breakfast at Denny's. Get it her name is Deni. Oh OK it is funny to us.

When we got out of the car we saw something strapped to the top of this SUV. As I got closer I noticed it was a child seat. This thing is duct taped to the rooftop.

Makes me wonder if this is where they make the kid ride when he is bad or if this is there as a threat to their child to make him behave. I would behave if I were the kid. "Johnny don't stick pickles in your sister's ear or you have to ride on the roof again."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Scariest Thing Of All...The Office Candy Dish

As a child you wonder where things go, like...
Your fish when it dies. After the flush where does it go?
Your teeth when they fall out. What does the tooth faerie really do with them?

Now as an adult you still wonder where things go, like...
Your paycheck.
Your slender body.
Your ability to go an entire day without any pains in your back.

Well I have found something out.
I now know where all the unwanted Halloween candy goes after the big day.


I know I personally did not get a single trick-or-treater. None. Zip. I was so disappointed. I even dressed up as the scariest thing of all. Me without any makeup on. Hahaha get it? Oh you know it is funny.

So where did the candy go? Into the office candy dish. I snuck into the office, in the middle of the night. Wearing my black sweatpants and hoody. Black paint swiped on my cheeks and a flashlight in my hand. After all I didn't want to be blamed for bringing in the candy. Well not really. I brought it in before anyone got to the office yesterday.

But honestly, isn't there this stigma surrounding the office candy dish. As folks fill their hands with bite sized chocolate bars, they walk away from the bowl saying...who brought this in. It is never, thank you for bringing in this candy. It is more like, he/she who brings in the chocolate bars is now to blame for wrecking my diet today. It is all their fault. Thank you very much. I know I personally think that after my third snicker mini.

So what brought up this post? Well the fact that another bag of candy has popped up on the counter. And no one knows who did it. No one is fessing up either. Hmmmm the search is on. I bet it is the one person in the office who isn't eating ANY candy at all......

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where Candy Corn Comes From...

This is not for you pansies that can't handle a little gore or should I say toe jam?

As a child I enjoyed munching on these delightful orange, yellow and white triangle candies. Mom and I would often stick them in our teeth to be vampires or a walrus. Oh OK I still do this at the age of 24. And she still does it at the age of well that would be mean for me to tell. But don't tell her I told you this. Thanks.

My mother and I try to carpool at least once a week and this week she brought to my attention, with proof, where Candy Corn comes from.

Brace yourself...I think she needs a pedicure...don't you?

Picture from

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where have all my favorite foods gone?

If you can find these foods and I can order them.....

Lets start off with my childhood favorite
Polski Wyrob Polish Pickles
made by Milwaukee Pickles

All through my high school years I fell in love. In love with a pickle. Yes, I know that is weird. I have accepted it. Take it or leave it.

These pickles were plucked up by me at the local Piggly Wiggly, Pick N Save or Kohl's food stores. At a little over $1.50 a jar I was very pleased. Some dinners would consist of this fine food. Yes, I know this is weird to. And not the best nutritional value for a meal, but hey, I was in high school.

9 years later and I have had this intense craving for my good friend the polish pickle. Nothing can compete with the tangy, salty, vinegar, crisp taste of this pickle.

Recently a friend of mine was teaching a class in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where I used to live and horde all these pickles). As she was visiting up there she was kind enough to stop off at a few grocery stores to pick me up a jar. Little did we know, but we know now, the manufacturer stopped making this pickle. I have searched and searched online and there are even online groups dedicated to finding this pickle. So I am happy to say, I am not the only one addicted.

Next on the list...
Clamato Chips

Yes, I know the idea of clam chips does not sound good. But, honestly these taste more like a tangy lime tomato chip. Super salty and garlicky. And super super super good. Can you tell I didn't do to well in English class. My descriptive vocabulary is very limited.

I was walking through the Super Walmart last year and eyed these tomato looking chips. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I love tomatoes and the idea that a chip could taste like one, well that would be HEAVEN.

I snagged a few of these bags and set off for home. I tried to be a good girl and only have half a bag (these are small bags) (yes uh huh they are to small). But, I couldn't. I just couldn't stop. An entire bag later and I was satisfied. Oh so good!

Every Super Walmart outing later I would purchase 3 bags at $1 each and have them as often as I could.

Then the unthinkable happened. Just a few months after my discovery of this item and it was no longer at the store. I gave it a few weeks thinking they were out of the item because of course this was the best chip EVER and there must be a lot of other addicts out there.

I WAS WRONG! They closed down the manufacturing plant and stopped producing this product. I wore black for weeks. Well not really, but it was sad nonetheless.

This is my public plea to have my pickles and chips back in my life. If you know of anyone who has these items....please get them...all of them. Do whatever it takes. (Well, keep it legal).


You are the winner of the mid month giveaway!

I have emailed you the next step.
You have 3 days to contact me back.

If no response is received, then the next person in line will have a chance to win!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Starts: Friday, October 10, 2008
Ends: Monday, October 20, 2008 Noon EST

Enter today to win a Hand Printed Peacock Shirt!
Rib collar; blind-stitched sleeve and bottom hems; side seams; tapered waist. Wash in cold water, dry on low heat.

Perfect fit
•100% combed ringspun jersey cotton
Garment dyed and washed
•No shrinkage

Colors: Shady Navy
Size: Medium

Open to U.S. and international

The artist:
Danielle Campbell

The shop & blog:
It's Sew Me
The website here
The etsy shop here

How Danielle got her start:

"I have always loved to sew, but really got into my current addiction about 4 months ago after I was diagnosed with MS. It is a great outlet."

Something funny about her craft:

"My 16 month old loves to climb up on the table while I am sewing...He loves to poke around my sewing machine and take my spools of thread and unravel them."

The person who wins this giveaway will also be given 1 week FREE on the Etsy Banner Mall. This may be used by the winner or given as a gift. Banner will be posted in the Mall starting October 20th, 2008.

The rules and how to win:
It is fun and simple.

1. Stop by the Artist's shop here and take a look around.

2. Choose your favorite item. (And yes, these items are for sale, so feel free to do some shopping while browsing)

3. Come back here and comment this post with your favorite item.

4. Include a way to contact you - email or etsy name to convo

Contest ends at Noon on Monday, October 20, 2008.
Your entry will not be counted, if there is no contact information.

Winner will be notified by method of contact left within 24 hours of contest end.
Winner must respond with mailing information and Etsy Banner Mall information within 3 days of notification. If no response is made, the next random winner will be notified.

Come back here the second Friday of each month to see what new Artist is featured and what they are giving away!

If you would like to participate in a future giveaway contact me at my email or on etsy through convo.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rock Shrimp Festival & Promo Packs Went GREAT!

The Rock Shrimp Festival in St. Mary's Georgia went over great this past weekend.

Read on to find out about the magic moon stones and mentos rocks...

Although I can't stomach the thought of eating something that you have to take the head off and the veins, the little creature has a festival all around him.

My good friend Heather and I were the first to arrive at 5:30am. We began to set up in the light of the street lamp and a lantern. It was so exciting. The air was wet and cool. The bugs were not yet out. But oh how they came out later.

Set up went seamless and we had plenty of time. Unlike our neighbors to the left of us, a political booth, who came late to set up the tent and then left. Came back hours later and then also left early. That upset me. These committees who run these events put rules in place to help the event be professional and seamless as possible. This tent was not the only one who did this.

Besides that, the greatest thing was being put next to a booth for a mom's group. They were selling baked goods for get this...only 50 cents each. Of course I bought stuff. And as the day progressed they lowered their prices. 4 items for $1!!! And I bought some more. Good thing I am not on a diet. The brownie was the best one I have ever had!

Back to our booth. Heather from Adagio Beadcrafters and I split the booth right down the middle as you can see by our color scheme. It worked out nicely and Heather is a blast to spend time with. She is so sweet I think she was the one attracting the bugs. They got so bad. My arms looks like tiny welts today. We were doing that "you gotta bug in your pants" dance for most of the morning and then again that night. Kinda funny now that I look back at it.

Tons of people! Can't believe how many folks showed up. Heather and I managed to hang out pretty much all of our business cards so that was good exposure for each of us.

Heather had those glass rocks that you can get from Walmart for a few bucks on her display. People were so interested in them. We started to say they were Magic Moon Rocks and they were $100 each. Some people actually looked like they believed us?!?!

I found these great "bag fillers" at Target that were white and looked like mentos. Now I did find them in the wedding favors section and wasn't entirely sure they were not candy. So when I poured them out into my displays I did lick one and then bit one. But don't tell anyone, k? They are rocks or something solid, definately not candy. So tip: don't bite or lick your displays.

The most interesting booth was the biker men and women doing the children's face painting. I wish I would have gotten a photo. I will paint the picture for you. Now close your eyes...wait don't close them, you won't be able to read this. Tall, hairy faced, leather jacketed, tattooed burly men sitting on folding chairs with tiny children sitting in front of them getting butterflies on their cheeks. Can you see it. It was so cute. They do have a tender side after all.

Now on to the promo packets.

Wonderful artists from all around the United States sent me business cards and samples promoting their businesses.

I then took these items and made magazine recycled envelopes and stuffed them full! They got their own special table and sign at the fair and they were gone by lunch! At first they got some confused looks but once they realized what they were, they were gone and FAST!

Thank you to the artists who participated!

This event was a blast to do. Tired and bug bitten, Heather and I poured ourselves into the car for the drive home. We both pretty much passed out that night sleeping like logs. Wow, who knew a craft booth would be so exhausting?

After each event I like to put at least 5 things I learned to help other artists when they have their own events...
1. Bring bug spray even if it is not that time of year
2. Bring sunscreen, I now have a red neck
3. Don't spend all my money at the bake sale
4. Check the weather and don't wear long pants when it is 80ยบ outside
5. When accepting credit cards, if the amount is huge process it on the spot if you are able to. Being out a huge amount of money is not fun at all. But I guess I learned. I hope no one else has to learn the same way.

Hope to see you at the next event...
November 22 & 23 • Jacksonville, FL Shriner Christmas Craft Show

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I have been TAGGED!

I have been tagged!

I got tagged by Three Loud Kids!!!

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are 7 random facts about me:
-My second toe is longer than my big toe
-I love blank paper of all colors
-I have 2 bellybutton piercings
-My tattoo is so bad you can't tell what it is
-I sneeze at least 60 times a day (no kidding)
-My favorite place in the world is Arizona
-My favorite tip I learned from my wise mother: If making a baked potato in your the potato button to cook it (even if there is no button) - Guess you had to be there.

Alright Here are the 7 people that I am tagging!
- Red Marionette
- Designing Hilary
- Life Is Like Champagne
- Originals By Terri
- The Adventures of BB Bellezza
- Twenty Pound Tabby
- Aroma Fields Candles & Bath


The most wonderful time of the year.....(get that Christmas toon out of your head, this is FALL)

I am from the North (WI) and am now in the South (FL). As much as I love the beaches and the palm trees, there is nothing that can compare to October in the North.

I desperately am in need of my northern fix. Maybe not as far north as WI, but more north than Florida. I need changing leaves, candy corn, pumpkin patches and pumpkin spice candles.

Let me elaborate on each...

Changing Leaves

I don't want to see subdivision trees change. I want good old mountains with tons of tree tops turning beautiful oranges, reds and yellows. None of this palm tree crud. I do know someone here in Florida who has actually found a website that allows you to watch the leaves change LIVE. Um, hmm, as much as I like the pretty trees, I don't think you can get me to sit in front of that computer monitor to watch them "gradually" change. You might just find me with the markers coloring the monitor screen trying to hurry the process.

Candy Corn

Brach's Candy Corn is the only way to go. Sure you can go to the dollar store and stock up on the off brand, but it doesn't compare to the Brach's. As much as I like the candy corn, I am a candy pumpkin addict. I have been known to polish off an entire bag in one sitting. Of course I then gained 5 pounds and my teeth have turned orange. The other downside is I think my head started to resemble the shape of the pumpkin. Hmmm, food for thought.

Pumpkin Patches

Oh no no no, I can't believe the sorry excuses for Pumpkin Patches down here. Up north you get the hay rides, apply cider, candy apples and haunted houses. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but the vinyl banner stating "Pumpkin Patch" hanging on the outside of a tent on the corner of the interstate does not make it a true pumpkin patch. It is a pumpkin shop my friends. One that charges by the pound. How mean is that? I can afford a 1 pound pumpkin and that is it. These "pumpking patches" are false advertising and I think it should be punishable with forcing the owners to eat 50 bags of candy corn with no water in one sitting. Ha, who is laughing now.

And finally Pumpkin Spice Candles

Where oh where have the good ones gone? Oh where oh where can they be? I have one that is 3 years old and is reserved for this time of year. It is almost gone! I will miss it so. I have tried to find it again but they have seemed to of changed their blend of the smells. Everything is becoming so cheaply made and quality is hard to find. So you suggest the Internet? How am I supposed to buy a candle online? Does someone have a scratch and sniff monitor I don't know about it. Please mail it to me. I will return it when I am done. How about I give you a free pair of earrings in exchange?

Well that is my rant on the Fall season. I guess I will just have to stare at my monitor to watch the leaves turn colors and eat a bunch of candy pumpkins so I can use my head for a jack o lantern since the stupid pumpkin farms are liars.

Have any other suggestions?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Glitzy Gallery Mailing List Is Finally Out!

A work in progress is done! Woop woop.
The Glitzy Gallery Mailing List is finally complete.

Monthly Giveaways, Coupon Codes, Event Updates and Product Specials

If you would like to join the mailing list (you may opt out at anytime)
Click Here

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chuckle For The Day - Thumb Stuck in a Happy Meal

When A Happy Meal Turns On You...

Ever get your thumb stuck in a Happy Meal? I am guessing the answer is no. Most things only happen to me.

So lunch today was spent rushing to find some fast food before I had to be at my very last acupuncture appointment. By the way, when the acupuncturist says "Holy Mother of God" during a treatment, it should put up a red flag. But that is another story.

The line looked small at the McDonald's so I took the U-turn and headed into the holy grail of greasy food.

Being the type of person I am (and by type of person, I mean I eat like a picky 6 year old) I ordered my Chicken Nugget Happy Meal.

I was rushing to get to my appointment and was eating my nuggets praying I didn't drop any bbq sauce on my favorite white shirt. Shew I made it without any stains. (And you thought I was going to say I didn't make it - ha I showed you)

I get to the acupuncture office and it isn't open yet so I finish eating my meal as fast as I can. And don't you know, they didn't include any napkins.

I finish up eating and am trying to shove all the garbage back into the little box with the golden arches when it caves in and takes my thumb with it. MY THUMB WAS STUCK! Now, I am normally not a panicky person but for some reason I really think the box was getting tighter and tighter around my thumb. My life flashed before my eyes and I saw my tombstone.

Well, as you see I survived. I want to be a poster child oops woman for this kind of thing. You should be careful with your Happy Meal box. You never know when it will turn on you.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fiesta was moooeeee funnnoooo

OK, so I need to brush up on my Spanish. I know. But you get what I mean.

This fiesta was so much fun! Setup began at 8am and the Fiesta started at 11am. Who knew I would need all three hours to setup? But we did it, and I am very pleased with the way everything turned out. My mother was a great helper and a trooper for sticking it out until 9pm. I am bribing her with jewelry. Shhhhhhh. My family and friends all stopped by and it felt good to have all of their support.

Me in my booth with my lovely banner

So everyone who is near me, including the Etsy community, knows that I have had the toughest time getting a banner made. Let's just say my original printer (big company) fell through and decided they were not going to provide me the product in the time they promised.

Thank goodness for WilsonGraphics on Etsy. (Also has a website) I put an alchemy request on Etsy for a banner to be here in less than a week. And he had it in the mail in two days! The quality is excellent and he replied to all my emails super fast. I highly recommend him and will be using him for my other banner needs in the future!

I think the fresh flowers helped a lot. Having the color pop off of the black was great and they were so pretty. Plus I get to have fresh flowers on my desk for the next few days. BONUS! Only problem was the wind monster kept visiting and it blew over the tall vase three times spilling water on everything. Easily fixable. Have to figure out how to make that not happen. I NEED flowers.

The displays were made by my father the carpenter handyman superhero. No he doesn't wear his underwear on the outside of his pants. Well I hope not at least. They were great. Heavy duty so they didn't blow over when the wind would blow. Well almost. The earring stand ended up needing a basket of rocks behind it and we tied it to the pole with the electric cord.

I did discover that when the wind would blow, sand would come with it. Black tablecloths show sand very well! Thank goodness for lint rollers. One customer said I shouldn't even bother and that I should put sand on my tables on purpose. How funny! We started joking saying we could build sand castles and put sea shells out. I draw the line at sand crabs.

I held a drawing for a beautiful pair of sterling silver charm earrings. Got a lot of responses and can't wait to see how many people have signed up for my mailing list. I called the winner today and she was so excited. Made me fell good. And I remember joking with her about the way you fold your entry makes a difference. I showed her my technique. (I can't share that with you, it is a secret. Come to my show and ask me to show you). And to keep things fair, I didn't draw it. We shook the bag up real good and my fairy nieceee drew the name out with her eyes closed. Guess the fold worked!

I was so pleased with the crowd and how friendly everyone was. A woman, towards the end of the night, stopped in and had to let me know that she thought my items were just beautiful and that I am very talented. Even though she didn't buy anything, that meant a lot to me! She didn't have to say anything and she did. So thank you lady if you read this. She did get a business card so you never know.

Throughout the day they had Fiesta related activities. The first big one was the pinata breaking.

It was so cute to see all the kids dive to the ground to get that candy. No sissy kids there. None of that breaking up the candy so every kid gets it. It was primal. Kids ripping other kids apart. Limbs and clothing everywhere. Well maybe not, but it was fun for the kids. Personally I don't trust a blindfolded kid with a bat.

They also had dancers come out and put on a show. Very lovely and very talented. (No sound - bummer - stupid camera) (Or is it stupid me...I am blaming the camera!)

My good friend Heather from Adagio Beadcrafters also had a booth. I wish we would have been closer. Her setup was so nice and elegant. We will be at the Rock Shrimp Festival in St. Mary's Georgia on October 4th. Stop by and see us!

All in all it was a great experience. I met a lot of people, handed out a lot of business cards and made quite a few sales. I am taking today to recoup.

My booth neighbors where a set of gentleman selling cork purses and accessories. A real neat idea! It was so funny to look over there and see the booth PACKED with people pinching the purses. Yes, folks pinched them and rubbed them. The boys shared with me that a customer actually asked if he could use them as flotation devices since cork is water repellent. We were imagining a fellow duct taping a bunch of the purses around his body and jumping in the ocean. Had a good chuckle. (I had their postcard with their website but have seemed to of lost it - guys if you see this please let me know your website and I will post it here)

Things I learned from this fair...
Make a sign that says "All items are handmade".
Wear comfortable shoes because as a craft seller you should be standing whenever you have a customer - no exceptions - well unless your leg doesn't work then I will let you off the hook.
Wear a cruddy shirt when setting up. I wore my favorite sheer top and it snagged on the Velcro of the tent poles three times and now it has snags all over it.