Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun In The Sun Expo...Stop By

Have you been stuck in the rainy dreary weather like me for the past 5 days?

It is time to break out and get some fresh air.

St. Mary's, GA is hosting the
Fun In The Sun Expo
Saturday, May 23rd from 9am to 9pm
Howard Gilman Memorial Park

Stop by my Glitzy Gallery Jewelry booth and mention that you saw my blog and receive 10% off your entire purchase!

Some new pieces will be added to this year's collection that are sure to be show stoppers. Stop by and take a look.

Can't wait to see you there!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beach Walking and the Folks That Look Down

I walked on the beach today...

I was talking to my husband the other night and decided it was time to get off my butt and start getting some exercise. My goal is to walk 5 miles in a week. That is a big accomplishment for me if I can keep up with it. Last week started and I managed to make my 5 miles by the skin of my teeth. By the way, my husband runs 50 miles a week minimum. Show off.

This morning I managed to roll out of bed and was on the beach walking by 7:20am. Unfortunately I have decided in order to reach my walking goal I need to leave Chloe, the dog, home. She is terrified of the beach and it just slows me down. I don't need the furball to keep me from my goal. Momma needs her butt to stop sorry pup you are staying home.

As I was saying, I reached the beach and decided I would walk until I couldn't walk anymore...forgetting I still have to walk back. As I walked on I noticed that fellow beach walkers were not to friendly today. It took a good mile until I even got someone to say good morning back to me. Did I smell or something?

So I trudged on seeing that most beach goers weren't even paying attention to the beautiful waves crashing in from the ocean...they were looking down at their feet trying to find sea shells. What a horrible way to spend your vacation at the beach. Someone may ask, "What did you see at the beach?" And their only response, "my feet". I then took it upon myself to save these unfortunate people from their doomed vacations and started tromping through the beds of sea shells. Mean I know, but someone has to do it.

Then as if it was someone from above's way of saying it was okay to be looking down, I happened to glance at a piece of sea glass. A big piece that has been nicely tumbled by the ocean and was placed on the beach just for me.

My attempt to stay looking at the ocean for the next 3 miles was sometimes thwarted by the need to find more sea glass. I had the gentle reminder of my treasure every time I walked a step and the piece of glass gently poked me in the chest. Where else was I supposed to store my treasure? The sports bra was the best idea at the time. Along with my key and cell phone. I was packing it full. This chest has to be good for something right? How about storage?

But honestly back to the walking part. I have generally been able to make it about 2.5 miles and today I made it 4.5 with the help of my husband who called while I was walking back. As we talked for about 30 minutes I walked past my beach exit. After realizing the sand was a bit deeper and didn't look familiar I had to double back adding more steps. Talk about an over achiever here. 4.5 miles in one day. Now I can take the rest of the week off right?

Tell me about the most interesting thing you ever found at the beach.