Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where Candy Corn Comes From...

This is not for you pansies that can't handle a little gore or should I say toe jam?

As a child I enjoyed munching on these delightful orange, yellow and white triangle candies. Mom and I would often stick them in our teeth to be vampires or a walrus. Oh OK I still do this at the age of 24. And she still does it at the age of well that would be mean for me to tell. But don't tell her I told you this. Thanks.

My mother and I try to carpool at least once a week and this week she brought to my attention, with proof, where Candy Corn comes from.

Brace yourself...I think she needs a pedicure...don't you?

Picture from papercards.com

Monday, October 20, 2008

Where have all my favorite foods gone?

If you can find these foods and I can order them.....

Lets start off with my childhood favorite
Polski Wyrob Polish Pickles
made by Milwaukee Pickles

All through my high school years I fell in love. In love with a pickle. Yes, I know that is weird. I have accepted it. Take it or leave it.

These pickles were plucked up by me at the local Piggly Wiggly, Pick N Save or Kohl's food stores. At a little over $1.50 a jar I was very pleased. Some dinners would consist of this fine food. Yes, I know this is weird to. And not the best nutritional value for a meal, but hey, I was in high school.

9 years later and I have had this intense craving for my good friend the polish pickle. Nothing can compete with the tangy, salty, vinegar, crisp taste of this pickle.

Recently a friend of mine was teaching a class in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where I used to live and horde all these pickles). As she was visiting up there she was kind enough to stop off at a few grocery stores to pick me up a jar. Little did we know, but we know now, the manufacturer stopped making this pickle. I have searched and searched online and there are even online groups dedicated to finding this pickle. So I am happy to say, I am not the only one addicted.

Next on the list...
Clamato Chips

Yes, I know the idea of clam chips does not sound good. But, honestly these taste more like a tangy lime tomato chip. Super salty and garlicky. And super super super good. Can you tell I didn't do to well in English class. My descriptive vocabulary is very limited.

I was walking through the Super Walmart last year and eyed these tomato looking chips. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I love tomatoes and the idea that a chip could taste like one, well that would be HEAVEN.

I snagged a few of these bags and set off for home. I tried to be a good girl and only have half a bag (these are small bags) (yes uh huh they are to small). But, I couldn't. I just couldn't stop. An entire bag later and I was satisfied. Oh so good!

Every Super Walmart outing later I would purchase 3 bags at $1 each and have them as often as I could.

Then the unthinkable happened. Just a few months after my discovery of this item and it was no longer at the store. I gave it a few weeks thinking they were out of the item because of course this was the best chip EVER and there must be a lot of other addicts out there.

I WAS WRONG! They closed down the manufacturing plant and stopped producing this product. I wore black for weeks. Well not really, but it was sad nonetheless.

This is my public plea to have my pickles and chips back in my life. If you know of anyone who has these items....please get them...all of them. Do whatever it takes. (Well, keep it legal).


You are the winner of the mid month giveaway!

I have emailed you the next step.
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If no response is received, then the next person in line will have a chance to win!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Starts: Friday, October 10, 2008
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Enter today to win a Hand Printed Peacock Shirt!
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Perfect fit
•100% combed ringspun jersey cotton
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•No shrinkage

Colors: Shady Navy
Size: Medium

Open to U.S. and international

The artist:
Danielle Campbell

The shop & blog:
It's Sew Me
The website here
The etsy shop here

How Danielle got her start:

"I have always loved to sew, but really got into my current addiction about 4 months ago after I was diagnosed with MS. It is a great outlet."

Something funny about her craft:

"My 16 month old loves to climb up on the table while I am sewing...He loves to poke around my sewing machine and take my spools of thread and unravel them."

The person who wins this giveaway will also be given 1 week FREE on the Etsy Banner Mall. This may be used by the winner or given as a gift. Banner will be posted in the Mall starting October 20th, 2008.

The rules and how to win:
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1. Stop by the Artist's shop here and take a look around.

2. Choose your favorite item. (And yes, these items are for sale, so feel free to do some shopping while browsing)

3. Come back here and comment this post with your favorite item.

4. Include a way to contact you - email or etsy name to convo

Contest ends at Noon on Monday, October 20, 2008.
Your entry will not be counted, if there is no contact information.

Winner will be notified by method of contact left within 24 hours of contest end.
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Come back here the second Friday of each month to see what new Artist is featured and what they are giving away!

If you would like to participate in a future giveaway contact me at my email or on etsy through convo.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Rock Shrimp Festival & Promo Packs Went GREAT!

The Rock Shrimp Festival in St. Mary's Georgia went over great this past weekend.

Read on to find out about the magic moon stones and mentos rocks...

Although I can't stomach the thought of eating something that you have to take the head off and the veins, the little creature has a festival all around him.

My good friend Heather and I were the first to arrive at 5:30am. We began to set up in the light of the street lamp and a lantern. It was so exciting. The air was wet and cool. The bugs were not yet out. But oh how they came out later.

Set up went seamless and we had plenty of time. Unlike our neighbors to the left of us, a political booth, who came late to set up the tent and then left. Came back hours later and then also left early. That upset me. These committees who run these events put rules in place to help the event be professional and seamless as possible. This tent was not the only one who did this.

Besides that, the greatest thing was being put next to a booth for a mom's group. They were selling baked goods for get this...only 50 cents each. Of course I bought stuff. And as the day progressed they lowered their prices. 4 items for $1!!! And I bought some more. Good thing I am not on a diet. The brownie was the best one I have ever had!

Back to our booth. Heather from Adagio Beadcrafters and I split the booth right down the middle as you can see by our color scheme. It worked out nicely and Heather is a blast to spend time with. She is so sweet I think she was the one attracting the bugs. They got so bad. My arms looks like tiny welts today. We were doing that "you gotta bug in your pants" dance for most of the morning and then again that night. Kinda funny now that I look back at it.

Tons of people! Can't believe how many folks showed up. Heather and I managed to hang out pretty much all of our business cards so that was good exposure for each of us.

Heather had those glass rocks that you can get from Walmart for a few bucks on her display. People were so interested in them. We started to say they were Magic Moon Rocks and they were $100 each. Some people actually looked like they believed us?!?!

I found these great "bag fillers" at Target that were white and looked like mentos. Now I did find them in the wedding favors section and wasn't entirely sure they were not candy. So when I poured them out into my displays I did lick one and then bit one. But don't tell anyone, k? They are rocks or something solid, definately not candy. So tip: don't bite or lick your displays.

The most interesting booth was the biker men and women doing the children's face painting. I wish I would have gotten a photo. I will paint the picture for you. Now close your eyes...wait don't close them, you won't be able to read this. Tall, hairy faced, leather jacketed, tattooed burly men sitting on folding chairs with tiny children sitting in front of them getting butterflies on their cheeks. Can you see it. It was so cute. They do have a tender side after all.

Now on to the promo packets.

Wonderful artists from all around the United States sent me business cards and samples promoting their businesses.

I then took these items and made magazine recycled envelopes and stuffed them full! They got their own special table and sign at the fair and they were gone by lunch! At first they got some confused looks but once they realized what they were, they were gone and FAST!

Thank you to the artists who participated!

This event was a blast to do. Tired and bug bitten, Heather and I poured ourselves into the car for the drive home. We both pretty much passed out that night sleeping like logs. Wow, who knew a craft booth would be so exhausting?

After each event I like to put at least 5 things I learned to help other artists when they have their own events...
1. Bring bug spray even if it is not that time of year
2. Bring sunscreen, I now have a red neck
3. Don't spend all my money at the bake sale
4. Check the weather and don't wear long pants when it is 80ยบ outside
5. When accepting credit cards, if the amount is huge process it on the spot if you are able to. Being out a huge amount of money is not fun at all. But I guess I learned. I hope no one else has to learn the same way.

Hope to see you at the next event...
November 22 & 23 • Jacksonville, FL Shriner Christmas Craft Show

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I have been TAGGED!

I have been tagged!

I got tagged by Three Loud Kids!!!

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Here are 7 random facts about me:
-My second toe is longer than my big toe
-I love blank paper of all colors
-I have 2 bellybutton piercings
-My tattoo is so bad you can't tell what it is
-I sneeze at least 60 times a day (no kidding)
-My favorite place in the world is Arizona
-My favorite tip I learned from my wise mother: If making a baked potato in your microwave...press the potato button to cook it (even if there is no button) - Guess you had to be there.

Alright Here are the 7 people that I am tagging!
- Red Marionette
- Designing Hilary
- Life Is Like Champagne
- Originals By Terri
- The Adventures of BB Bellezza
- Twenty Pound Tabby
- Aroma Fields Candles & Bath


The most wonderful time of the year.....(get that Christmas toon out of your head, this is FALL)

I am from the North (WI) and am now in the South (FL). As much as I love the beaches and the palm trees, there is nothing that can compare to October in the North.

I desperately am in need of my northern fix. Maybe not as far north as WI, but more north than Florida. I need changing leaves, candy corn, pumpkin patches and pumpkin spice candles.

Let me elaborate on each...

Changing Leaves

I don't want to see subdivision trees change. I want good old mountains with tons of tree tops turning beautiful oranges, reds and yellows. None of this palm tree crud. I do know someone here in Florida who has actually found a website that allows you to watch the leaves change LIVE. Um, hmm, as much as I like the pretty trees, I don't think you can get me to sit in front of that computer monitor to watch them "gradually" change. You might just find me with the markers coloring the monitor screen trying to hurry the process.

Candy Corn

Brach's Candy Corn is the only way to go. Sure you can go to the dollar store and stock up on the off brand, but it doesn't compare to the Brach's. As much as I like the candy corn, I am a candy pumpkin addict. I have been known to polish off an entire bag in one sitting. Of course I then gained 5 pounds and my teeth have turned orange. The other downside is I think my head started to resemble the shape of the pumpkin. Hmmm, food for thought.

Pumpkin Patches

Oh no no no, I can't believe the sorry excuses for Pumpkin Patches down here. Up north you get the hay rides, apply cider, candy apples and haunted houses. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but the vinyl banner stating "Pumpkin Patch" hanging on the outside of a tent on the corner of the interstate does not make it a true pumpkin patch. It is a pumpkin shop my friends. One that charges by the pound. How mean is that? I can afford a 1 pound pumpkin and that is it. These "pumpking patches" are false advertising and I think it should be punishable with forcing the owners to eat 50 bags of candy corn with no water in one sitting. Ha, who is laughing now.

And finally Pumpkin Spice Candles

Where oh where have the good ones gone? Oh where oh where can they be? I have one that is 3 years old and is reserved for this time of year. It is almost gone! I will miss it so. I have tried to find it again but they have seemed to of changed their blend of the smells. Everything is becoming so cheaply made and quality is hard to find. So you suggest the Internet? How am I supposed to buy a candle online? Does someone have a scratch and sniff monitor I don't know about it. Please mail it to me. I will return it when I am done. How about I give you a free pair of earrings in exchange?

Well that is my rant on the Fall season. I guess I will just have to stare at my monitor to watch the leaves turn colors and eat a bunch of candy pumpkins so I can use my head for a jack o lantern since the stupid pumpkin farms are liars.

Have any other suggestions?