Monday, October 6, 2008

Rock Shrimp Festival & Promo Packs Went GREAT!

The Rock Shrimp Festival in St. Mary's Georgia went over great this past weekend.

Read on to find out about the magic moon stones and mentos rocks...

Although I can't stomach the thought of eating something that you have to take the head off and the veins, the little creature has a festival all around him.

My good friend Heather and I were the first to arrive at 5:30am. We began to set up in the light of the street lamp and a lantern. It was so exciting. The air was wet and cool. The bugs were not yet out. But oh how they came out later.

Set up went seamless and we had plenty of time. Unlike our neighbors to the left of us, a political booth, who came late to set up the tent and then left. Came back hours later and then also left early. That upset me. These committees who run these events put rules in place to help the event be professional and seamless as possible. This tent was not the only one who did this.

Besides that, the greatest thing was being put next to a booth for a mom's group. They were selling baked goods for get this...only 50 cents each. Of course I bought stuff. And as the day progressed they lowered their prices. 4 items for $1!!! And I bought some more. Good thing I am not on a diet. The brownie was the best one I have ever had!

Back to our booth. Heather from Adagio Beadcrafters and I split the booth right down the middle as you can see by our color scheme. It worked out nicely and Heather is a blast to spend time with. She is so sweet I think she was the one attracting the bugs. They got so bad. My arms looks like tiny welts today. We were doing that "you gotta bug in your pants" dance for most of the morning and then again that night. Kinda funny now that I look back at it.

Tons of people! Can't believe how many folks showed up. Heather and I managed to hang out pretty much all of our business cards so that was good exposure for each of us.

Heather had those glass rocks that you can get from Walmart for a few bucks on her display. People were so interested in them. We started to say they were Magic Moon Rocks and they were $100 each. Some people actually looked like they believed us?!?!

I found these great "bag fillers" at Target that were white and looked like mentos. Now I did find them in the wedding favors section and wasn't entirely sure they were not candy. So when I poured them out into my displays I did lick one and then bit one. But don't tell anyone, k? They are rocks or something solid, definately not candy. So tip: don't bite or lick your displays.

The most interesting booth was the biker men and women doing the children's face painting. I wish I would have gotten a photo. I will paint the picture for you. Now close your eyes...wait don't close them, you won't be able to read this. Tall, hairy faced, leather jacketed, tattooed burly men sitting on folding chairs with tiny children sitting in front of them getting butterflies on their cheeks. Can you see it. It was so cute. They do have a tender side after all.

Now on to the promo packets.

Wonderful artists from all around the United States sent me business cards and samples promoting their businesses.

I then took these items and made magazine recycled envelopes and stuffed them full! They got their own special table and sign at the fair and they were gone by lunch! At first they got some confused looks but once they realized what they were, they were gone and FAST!

Thank you to the artists who participated!

This event was a blast to do. Tired and bug bitten, Heather and I poured ourselves into the car for the drive home. We both pretty much passed out that night sleeping like logs. Wow, who knew a craft booth would be so exhausting?

After each event I like to put at least 5 things I learned to help other artists when they have their own events...
1. Bring bug spray even if it is not that time of year
2. Bring sunscreen, I now have a red neck
3. Don't spend all my money at the bake sale
4. Check the weather and don't wear long pants when it is 80ยบ outside
5. When accepting credit cards, if the amount is huge process it on the spot if you are able to. Being out a huge amount of money is not fun at all. But I guess I learned. I hope no one else has to learn the same way.

Hope to see you at the next event...
November 22 & 23 • Jacksonville, FL Shriner Christmas Craft Show


Kim said...

Great pictures and sounds like it went great. Thank you for adding my card to your bags.

Lolafalk said...

The promo packs looked great! Thank you so much again for doing this, I was happy to be included. Your booth looked very nice as well - hope you made a lot of sales!

Bear Chick said...

Glad to hear it went so well! Thanks for doing the grab bags to promote us!

KellyGstudio said...

Fantastic info! So glad the promo packs went over well. That is something I'll definitely do for my spring/summer 2009 shows!

Christie Cottage said...

How nice that you posted here and displayed how promos were distributed!

michelle said...

I love the part about biting into your display! That sounds like something I would have done! :)

Kay Sommers said...

hahaha.. i had one experience about biting the "filler" as well. only in my case they were really candies XD

my fiance bought 2 tiny anime figurines and in each box, there was this coin shaped, white thing wrapped in clear plastic inside the box together with the figurine. he insisted they were fillers but i sniffed it and it smells like the candy i used to eat when i was a kid. so i opened the wrap and licked it! finished both of them eventually :3 mmmmm...

so what were inside the promo packs?

Glitzy Gallery Gal said...

Michelle - I am so happy to hear I am not the only one who would try something like that!

Kay - The promos had business cards and samples in them. These artists are so creative. One person who makes soap included a piece of soap with her card in a baggy and another person sells plant things and included seeds with her business cards.

Becca Nelson said...

Your booth looks great! The whole days sounds like fun. Great idea to collect etsy artist's info and pass it out.

You've got a fun blog!

Angie said...

Your booth setup looked great and very professional. Definitely Glitzy!

fluffnflowers said...

Your booth looks great and it sounds like you had a great show!

Thanks for including me in your promo packs. :)