Sunday, August 31, 2008

$6 Jewelry Displays - Earring Display Instructions

The $6 Jewelry Display Tutorial
($9 but you don't use all the supplies up
Cost is for all displays, not just this one)

(Others to follow and already done - see archives)


All items came from the Dollar Tree Dollar Store or Walmart
Poster Board (2 Sheets = $1)
Foam Board (2 Sheets = $2)
Glue Sticks and Glue Gun (25 Sticks = $1)
Ribbon ($1)
Glass Rocks ($1 bag clear)
Fabric ($3 - 3 Yards to be safe = $1 Yard at Walmart)
Exacto Knife

Below are the steps used to make the earring display
Pictured to the right in the above photo

Step 1: Cut your pieces from the foam board
Main Piece - Cut 1 Large Rectangle
Tip: Do not make it to tall as the weight from the earrings hanging
on the front of the display may force it to fall over.

Back Piece - Cut 1 Rectangle about an inch smaller then the Main Piece all the way around.

Main Stand Pieces -
Cut 2 smaller rectangles that will form the "L" shaped stand in the back.
Cut to your taste so that the earring board is at an angle you would like.
See photo below

Side Stand Pieces - Once you decide on the size of your back stand rectangles, cut two triangle pieces to cover the sides of the "L" shaped stand.
Tip: Glue the Main Stand Pieces together at the desired angle. Once dry, place sideways on foam board and trace with pencil to get your triangle sizes.

Step 2:
Take fabric and lay flat on table. Place Main Piece on fabric face down.
Cut fabric with at least 2 inches of extra fabric all the way around the main piece.

Step 3:
Pull fabric tight and glue on the back of the Main Piece.
Don't worry about it being neat on the back. It will be covered up.

Step 4:
Take ribbon and wrap around board horizontally to form multiple rows.
Space approximately 3 1/2" or more apart to allow room for earring cards.
Glue ribbon onto the board with glue on the back.

Step 5:
Take the previously cut Back Piece and glue over the back of the Main Piece.
This will cover all the fabric ends and ribbon ends.
(Not pictured in the above photo)

Take the previously cut Main Stand Pieces and glue into an "L" shape, making sure to rest the Main Earring Board onto the stand to check the desired angle of the display.

Step 7:
Glue a few rows of the glass rocks into the inside of the now formed "L" shaped stand. This will provide the weight. Add as much weight as desired.

Step 8:
Hide your glass rocks by gluing the Side Stand pieces to the side of the "L" shaped stand. This will also add more support.

Step 9:
Glue the finished "L" shaped stand the the back of the Main Earring Displayboard.

You are done!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or contact me through my website

Other display instructions coming soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

$6 Jewelry Displays - Necklace Display Instructions

It is finally here...
The $6 Jewelry Display Tutorial
($9 but you don't use all the supplies up
Cost is for all displays, not just this one)

(Others to follow)


All items came from the Dollar Tree Dollar Store or Walmart
Poster Board (2 Sheets = $1)
Foam Board (2 Sheets = $2)
Glue Sticks and Glue Gun (25 Sticks = $1)
Ribbon ($1)
Glass Rocks ($1 bag clear)
Fabric ($3 - 3 Yards to be safe = $1 Yard at Walmart)
Exacto Knife

Below are the steps used to make the necklace display
Pictured to the left in the above photo

Step 1:
Piece 1 - Cut 1 Large Rectangle from the foam board
Piece 2 - Cut 1 Rectangle the same width as the large rectangle and approx 2" shorter (to taste)
Piece 3 - Cut 1 rectangle for base the same width as previous rectangles and about 1/3 the length of Rectangle

Step 2:
Glue the 3 rectangle together using the hot glue gun
Take a portion of the glass rocks and hot glue them into the bottom of the display for weight
Your display should look like this...

Step 3:
Cut 2 triangles from the poster board to cover the sides of the display
Lie the foam board display on the poster board and draw a line around the display onto the poster board
You should have this...

Step 4:
Glue the triangles onto the sides of the necklace display

Step 5:
Lie your fabric flat on the table and place the angled front onto the fabric
Cut fabric to have enough to wrap around the display to the back

Don't worry about the back being pretty with the fabric
You will make a panel to cover that
Hot glue fabric to the display pulling tight and putting glue on bottom and back of display. Avoid gluing on the front, it generally soaks through the fabric.

Step 7:
Take your ribbon and cut a piece long enough to wrap around the top of the display
This one has two rows- 1 row for earrings to match the necklaces below
Hot glue the ribbon around with the ends and glue in the back

Step 8:
Using left over fabric or poster board cut a rectangle neatly to create a panel on the back to cover all the fabric ends, ribbon ends and hot glue
Glue neatly to cover

Step 9:
Take 4 glass rocks and glue to bottom of display to create feet in the corners

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or contact me through my website

Other display instructions coming soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Monday, September 1st, 2008

I will be competing in the Etsy Challenge - Jewelry category.

Please go to the Etsy Challenge site to vote.

Please vote fair.....
and that would be for me.

I have entered one of my favorite pieces
Champagne Glass Pearl Charm Bracelet

Thank you for your support!

Please comment to let me know you voted for me! Thanks!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

She is gone. FINALLY!

I am located in the furthest northeast area of Florida, just above Jacksonville. It was just a pounding that would not go away. The rains didn't stop and when they did the wind was there howling. And when that would slow down the Tornado warnings and watches would come on the TV. Can't they make the TV warnings a bit more enjoyable to hear. That loud pitch is so annoying. I know it is made to get your attention, but couldn't they have a catchy jingle instead?

Luckily our condo didn't lose power. Very suprising considering the problems we have had in the past with less severe storms. I relocated my beading to the living area so I could watch the TV if something important was happening. I found this time to be one of my most creative. I put together some beautiful bracelets! Photos coming soon. Also gave me time to think more about promotions for Glitzy Gallery.

I sat out on the front screened porch for a portion of the storm. At any moment I expected to see a cow come flying past with how heavy the winds were. Only saw a shutter fall off the condo across from us. And to think it was real wood and it turned out to be hollow plastic. Sneaky.

Our area didn't suffer to much damage. Some power outages, tree limbs down and minor flooding. Not nearly as bad as the folks below us.

Places are started opening back up last night and yesterday. You could tell there was a bit of cabin fever. I definitely had a case of it. Restaurants were busy and bar/club lines were out the door. People needed to get out and have something to do and some retail spaces were without power still.

From what I have heard they just did a big restoration of our local beach bringing the sand levels up higher and that sand is gone now. That would be so defeating to see all the hard work just wash away back into the ocean.

All in all, this wasn't as bad for us as they had suggested. Generally the weather folks like to play it up more than is necessary, but if that is what it takes to keep people safe and off the streets then more power to them.

I will be relocating back into my office now that I don't have to watch out for the storm warnings. It is exciting to get back to normal.

Stay tuned to see those beautiful tropical storm inspired bracelets.

Hope everyone stayed safe and there wasn't to much damage.

Thank you to all the Etsians who wished us Floridians a safe weekend.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Acupuncture! Pointy Little Needles All Over and It is GREAT!

Acupuncture is great!
If you hurt, I strongly suggest you try it! It doesn't hurt...well for me.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am one big bundle of physical pain at any given time. Something always hurts, but I just deal (well I whine sometimes too, but don't we all?). It finally came to the point where it was almost unbearable to type for an extended period of time. I feared that I may be forming carpal tunnel. At this time I also had a sinus infection. The fourth in the last 6 months.

Now I have nothing against going to a regular Western medicine doctor. I have been many times. I have personally put their children through college with my financial contributions. Unfortunately the health insurance that I have is awful (at least I have some I guess). For example, a sinus infection doctor visit will run me $250 plus prescriptions. Yikes! I decided to try something that wasn't covered, and it has ended up to be more affordable. About $350 for 6 treatments.

I decided to try something different...Acupuncture. I came to the acupuncturist for help with the arm and sinus and I walked out of there having been treated for every other pain I have had lately. I didn't even have to tell them all to him. He just seemed to know where it was hurting. (I think it was magic but shhh don't tell him I said that)

I was informed that after the first visit to not expect everything to be healed right away. That I had my Qi (Che?) blocked and it may take some time to get it to flow again. It would take multiple visits to see results. Well buddy, after the first one I felt like I could climb a mountain, jump a building or eat a really big ice cream cone and not get a freezy headache. I stopped taking my sinus medicine and I felt even better. The arm is feeling good. Not great but good. I can at least type for extended periods of time now.

He also taught me a better way of breathing. It definitely helps a lot and helps me to feel more centered.

I may try to do the herb treatment (herbs made into teas) later on. However, I can't stand the taste of regular tea and he mentioned this tastes worse. Way to sell me on that one, right?

For now I will stick with the tiny needles inserted everywhere from my forehead to my toes. Today was my second appointment, and I feel great. I went in with a not so sunny disposition and now I feel like I could kiss a cloud.

I had forgotten about my appointment today, so I downed a bag of sour cream and onion chips with lunch (yeah I know, healthy, it's a veggie right?). This guy is quite serious, so I went in a apologized in advance for the onion breath. And don't you know, he actually smiled.

Next appointment is next Wednesday. Can't wait!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Simple, Fast & Affordable Earring Cards

I searched and searched and searched for the perfect premade earring cards.

I found nothing that was funky and fun like me or my jewelry.

I took it into my own hands and decided to make my own.
Below are my simple, no brainer steps to my earring cards...

Items Needed:
2 Push Pins or Small Nails (Extras if one breaks)

Hammer (smaller the better but not the little tonka plastic ones)

Packaging tape or duct tape

Old outdated business cards or cardboard pieces (stacked to about an inch deep)

Solid surface for hammering on like hmmm a table (not glass please)

Step 1:
Go to
Click on the Premium Business Card Link (They will be FREE + Shipping)
Your card design template will be horizontal. Design your card so it is vertical laid on it's side.
I included some design on at the top and my website at the bottom of the card.
If you order additional items that are not free, enter the code SUMMER or MCFREECARDS for additional discounts (Good as of 7.10.08)
I always choose the slowest shipping and get them within a week.

Step 2:
Wait. Wait. Wait.
They show up in your mailbox or on your front door step.
Rip open the box like it is Christmas.
(It's alright if you do a little dance...I won't tell)

Step 3:
Get some cardboard or old business cards like I used and stack them.
Tape them together with a few layers of tape so it doesn't move around.
We will call this your hammering pillow.

Step 4:
Place your hammering pillow on a hard surface (not glass).
Put your new business cards on top of your hammering pillow. 3-5 at a time should do.
Place push pins, where you want the holes for the earrings to go, on the top business card and gently push down until they stand up on their own.
Take small hammer and gently tap in the push pins.
Pick up the new business cards with the push pins still pushed in.
Push pins all the way through.
Don't make the holes to big or the earrings will slide out. I have found that a push pin size hole works great!

Repeat step 4 until you have enough cards ready.


Send me your photos of your earring cards. I love to see other's work.