Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

She is gone. FINALLY!

I am located in the furthest northeast area of Florida, just above Jacksonville. It was just a pounding that would not go away. The rains didn't stop and when they did the wind was there howling. And when that would slow down the Tornado warnings and watches would come on the TV. Can't they make the TV warnings a bit more enjoyable to hear. That loud pitch is so annoying. I know it is made to get your attention, but couldn't they have a catchy jingle instead?

Luckily our condo didn't lose power. Very suprising considering the problems we have had in the past with less severe storms. I relocated my beading to the living area so I could watch the TV if something important was happening. I found this time to be one of my most creative. I put together some beautiful bracelets! Photos coming soon. Also gave me time to think more about promotions for Glitzy Gallery.

I sat out on the front screened porch for a portion of the storm. At any moment I expected to see a cow come flying past with how heavy the winds were. Only saw a shutter fall off the condo across from us. And to think it was real wood and it turned out to be hollow plastic. Sneaky.

Our area didn't suffer to much damage. Some power outages, tree limbs down and minor flooding. Not nearly as bad as the folks below us.

Places are started opening back up last night and yesterday. You could tell there was a bit of cabin fever. I definitely had a case of it. Restaurants were busy and bar/club lines were out the door. People needed to get out and have something to do and some retail spaces were without power still.

From what I have heard they just did a big restoration of our local beach bringing the sand levels up higher and that sand is gone now. That would be so defeating to see all the hard work just wash away back into the ocean.

All in all, this wasn't as bad for us as they had suggested. Generally the weather folks like to play it up more than is necessary, but if that is what it takes to keep people safe and off the streets then more power to them.

I will be relocating back into my office now that I don't have to watch out for the storm warnings. It is exciting to get back to normal.

Stay tuned to see those beautiful tropical storm inspired bracelets.

Hope everyone stayed safe and there wasn't to much damage.

Thank you to all the Etsians who wished us Floridians a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

I live just north of St. Pete. We hardly got any rain out of Fay. Now we have another one to watch...yea :(

Glitzy Gallery Gal said...

Be safe with Gustaf (sp?) Just heard about it this morning on the news. Already a hurricane? What? Not nice.