Sunday, August 31, 2008

$6 Jewelry Displays - Earring Display Instructions

The $6 Jewelry Display Tutorial
($9 but you don't use all the supplies up
Cost is for all displays, not just this one)

(Others to follow and already done - see archives)


All items came from the Dollar Tree Dollar Store or Walmart
Poster Board (2 Sheets = $1)
Foam Board (2 Sheets = $2)
Glue Sticks and Glue Gun (25 Sticks = $1)
Ribbon ($1)
Glass Rocks ($1 bag clear)
Fabric ($3 - 3 Yards to be safe = $1 Yard at Walmart)
Exacto Knife

Below are the steps used to make the earring display
Pictured to the right in the above photo

Step 1: Cut your pieces from the foam board
Main Piece - Cut 1 Large Rectangle
Tip: Do not make it to tall as the weight from the earrings hanging
on the front of the display may force it to fall over.

Back Piece - Cut 1 Rectangle about an inch smaller then the Main Piece all the way around.

Main Stand Pieces -
Cut 2 smaller rectangles that will form the "L" shaped stand in the back.
Cut to your taste so that the earring board is at an angle you would like.
See photo below

Side Stand Pieces - Once you decide on the size of your back stand rectangles, cut two triangle pieces to cover the sides of the "L" shaped stand.
Tip: Glue the Main Stand Pieces together at the desired angle. Once dry, place sideways on foam board and trace with pencil to get your triangle sizes.

Step 2:
Take fabric and lay flat on table. Place Main Piece on fabric face down.
Cut fabric with at least 2 inches of extra fabric all the way around the main piece.

Step 3:
Pull fabric tight and glue on the back of the Main Piece.
Don't worry about it being neat on the back. It will be covered up.

Step 4:
Take ribbon and wrap around board horizontally to form multiple rows.
Space approximately 3 1/2" or more apart to allow room for earring cards.
Glue ribbon onto the board with glue on the back.

Step 5:
Take the previously cut Back Piece and glue over the back of the Main Piece.
This will cover all the fabric ends and ribbon ends.
(Not pictured in the above photo)

Take the previously cut Main Stand Pieces and glue into an "L" shape, making sure to rest the Main Earring Board onto the stand to check the desired angle of the display.

Step 7:
Glue a few rows of the glass rocks into the inside of the now formed "L" shaped stand. This will provide the weight. Add as much weight as desired.

Step 8:
Hide your glass rocks by gluing the Side Stand pieces to the side of the "L" shaped stand. This will also add more support.

Step 9:
Glue the finished "L" shaped stand the the back of the Main Earring Displayboard.

You are done!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or contact me through my website

Other display instructions coming soon!


AngelHeartBeads said...

This is fabulous!!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial!!!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

That is quite clever. I bought a plexi display for way too much back when I had a jewelry biz...this is much prettier.

saffron said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing it!

Glitzy Gallery Gal said...

Your welcome! I am so happy you can get some use out of this!

Silver River Jewelry said...

Hey I just wanted to say thanks! I am working on two of the earring displays now. They are coming out beautifully and it is so nice to be able to put together a display that matches my logo and theme.

Renee said...

Thank you so much for this. That is so easy!!! We are going to use a piece of plywood for the back and cover it with material and string our ribbon. We show outside and need something more sturdy, but the idea is the same!! Thanks!!!