Thursday, October 2, 2008


The most wonderful time of the year.....(get that Christmas toon out of your head, this is FALL)

I am from the North (WI) and am now in the South (FL). As much as I love the beaches and the palm trees, there is nothing that can compare to October in the North.

I desperately am in need of my northern fix. Maybe not as far north as WI, but more north than Florida. I need changing leaves, candy corn, pumpkin patches and pumpkin spice candles.

Let me elaborate on each...

Changing Leaves

I don't want to see subdivision trees change. I want good old mountains with tons of tree tops turning beautiful oranges, reds and yellows. None of this palm tree crud. I do know someone here in Florida who has actually found a website that allows you to watch the leaves change LIVE. Um, hmm, as much as I like the pretty trees, I don't think you can get me to sit in front of that computer monitor to watch them "gradually" change. You might just find me with the markers coloring the monitor screen trying to hurry the process.

Candy Corn

Brach's Candy Corn is the only way to go. Sure you can go to the dollar store and stock up on the off brand, but it doesn't compare to the Brach's. As much as I like the candy corn, I am a candy pumpkin addict. I have been known to polish off an entire bag in one sitting. Of course I then gained 5 pounds and my teeth have turned orange. The other downside is I think my head started to resemble the shape of the pumpkin. Hmmm, food for thought.

Pumpkin Patches

Oh no no no, I can't believe the sorry excuses for Pumpkin Patches down here. Up north you get the hay rides, apply cider, candy apples and haunted houses. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but the vinyl banner stating "Pumpkin Patch" hanging on the outside of a tent on the corner of the interstate does not make it a true pumpkin patch. It is a pumpkin shop my friends. One that charges by the pound. How mean is that? I can afford a 1 pound pumpkin and that is it. These "pumpking patches" are false advertising and I think it should be punishable with forcing the owners to eat 50 bags of candy corn with no water in one sitting. Ha, who is laughing now.

And finally Pumpkin Spice Candles

Where oh where have the good ones gone? Oh where oh where can they be? I have one that is 3 years old and is reserved for this time of year. It is almost gone! I will miss it so. I have tried to find it again but they have seemed to of changed their blend of the smells. Everything is becoming so cheaply made and quality is hard to find. So you suggest the Internet? How am I supposed to buy a candle online? Does someone have a scratch and sniff monitor I don't know about it. Please mail it to me. I will return it when I am done. How about I give you a free pair of earrings in exchange?

Well that is my rant on the Fall season. I guess I will just have to stare at my monitor to watch the leaves turn colors and eat a bunch of candy pumpkins so I can use my head for a jack o lantern since the stupid pumpkin farms are liars.

Have any other suggestions?


Devin said...

That is super fun.thanks for sharing your blog with me.I love ytou etsy shop ,It is so beautiful

Cara said...

Fall is totally different in the San Fransisco Bay Area. For me, as a horse owner, it is busy preparing for winter mud. We get the worst mud! It's clay, it gets deep, really deep! Where the horses go, it can get 12 inches deep. Clay mud, Sucky mud. Sucks the shoes right off the horses! Sucks all the heat out of your feet!

kim* said...

such a pretty blog entry

HoneyBearBeads said...

ooo look at the gorgeous fall pics! I love fall too, the changing of the colors is just amazing!

Lysse - White Moth Snuggery said...

Fall is the BEST time of year! It's always been my favorite.. A few years ago, my fiance and I got to go to Vermont in October. The leaves had already changed for the most part, but is was still so pretty. I'm in Louisiana, so we're lucky to get some yellow in our 'fall' leaves :/ Beautiful pics, by the way..oh, and wal-mart of all places has a GREAT spice candle..

BaldyLocks said...

This has been the best laugh I've had all morning. Finally, someone who fully realizes the true meaning of Fall.

We are kindred spirits, you and I.

BackwoodSophisticate said...

I LOVE fall!! And I have already been through two containers of Brachs Pumpkins since they hit the shelves in September. I am addicted to those things too.

Hyla Waldron said...

MMMMMmmmmm, pumpkins!

Try an Etsy seller for your candle. Etsy sellers are wonderful and I have not received a skimpy product yet. If you dont like it, give it as a gift and try someone else!