Monday, July 20, 2009

When the owner gets more exercise at the dog park...

Took Chloe to the dog park in town here. First time around she did very well. I was the helicopter parent, always hovering and making sure she was okay.

We've never been to a dog park before, and Chloe has a habit of barking at any dog that just breathes near her. Surprisingly, she didn't bark. She was running around with the other dogs, sniffing all the little furry butts.

Yesterday, we were up pretty early and I took her again. Totally pointless, as she just sat on top of the picnic table the entire time.

I would run around the dog park trying to get her to follow me around. But no go. I was the one getting the exercise. I bet she was sitting on the picnic table thinking "stupid human."

I personally draw the line at sniffing any butts!