Monday, July 13, 2009

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?


Actually got in on Saturday around 3pm. Oh my gosh it was hot and still is. I happened to get in on the hottest day of the year. 114 degrees! Not fair.

Reached the apartment. Now remember this is the first opportunity for me to see this in person. Thank goodness I am not locked into a lease with a deposit. The place is nice enough to work for a temporary home but I am afraid that if I stay there any longer then a month I may be huddled in a dark corner having a melt down.

A few finer points of my new (temporary) home...
  • Comes complete with roommates...little crawly ones
  • Has it's own du smoker cat b.o. man
  • Complete with it's own fine film of dust to give it that aged look
  • And to show that this community is super safe, it includes a door that doesn't lock and a landlord that doesn't care to light a fire under his butt to get it fixed.
  • Forget having to visit the Grand Canyon, the mattress includes it's own version.
Enough about the apartment. We have driven around Arizona looking at houses and today we will meet up with the realtor to go inside a few. Fingers crossed that today is the day I find one.

We have met up with some family and friends who live here and that was super nice. Although I am starting this adventure on my own (and my little dog to), I feel like I have some great support here.

Off to go drive around for a bit before the sun is at it's hottest and threatens to melt my flip flops to the pavement.

Thank you to all the readers following my adventure. I promise I will try to post as often as possible, but my lovely furnished apartment does not include Internet, nor do I want to make the investment to get a hookup. I will be back soon....

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Free Spirited said...

Hey There New Arizonian,
Florida isn't the same without you! I surely miss you already. Who is Tom without Jerry, Sherlock without Holmes, or what is corn without butter, or french fries without salt? I feel like I'm missing an earring without you. Hope you are having the fun of your life and that you are journaling all this for your kids. :) I will be taking care of your Mom until she moves to AZ too. At no charge of course since you are all family to me! Keep me posted of your adventures, a small part of me is really envious! :D
Give a good scratch to Chloe!