Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blogging Across America

Good morning everyone!

The time has come and I am moving across the country. Did you know that across the country really means ONE HECK OF A DRIVE?

2,000 miles to go and a sleepy butt to add. We have not yet left, and I writing this from my parent's house in Florida. Sunny, humid Florida. I am trading in the sand and surf for sand and cacti shaped like people. Really, you know you have looked at a cactus before and said to yourself that it looked like a person. Admit it.

I will miss Florida but most of all I will miss the people. My friends and people I have adopted as family.

So with all that said I am off. My mother, my dog and I are ready for our adventure. Lets hope we all get along so no one has been left behind at a rest stop.

1 comment:

AdagioBeadcrafters said...

Look out, great Western America, here comes Miss Glitzy!!
Hope you and your Mom and your dog have a delightful cross country adventure.
Be sure to post plenty of pix along the way.