Friday, July 31, 2009

House Hunting and the Attack of the Birds

I have been house hunting for the last few months. I am working on figuring out when it becomes pointless to search. Here is my equation so far...

Number of houses searched on the Internet 1,500
Number of houses seen in person 150
Number of houses bid on 15

Number of houses finally purchased ZERO

I think my math may be rusty because the numbers just don't work.

Although I am without a new house I have gained the knowledge of every available floor plan in the city. I am so good, that I can drive past a house and tell you where the kitchen is located, how many bedrooms and if it has an inside laundry room. Well maybe I'm not thaaaaaaaat good, but it sure seems like I've seen EVERYTHING!

Yesterday was another trip out with my wonderful realtor. She has been so patient in this entire process and we have laughed so much. Yesterday was a very entertaining day, as I laughed so much my cheeks hurt, yes the ones on my face....what were you thinking?

After going to many houses we stopped at what looked like promising prospect for a new abode. As the Realtor approached the front steps, an evil pigeon dive bombed her head and I think at that moment my Realtor had a mini heart attack. As she was panting from being spooked, I had to peal myself off the pavement from my rolling laughter. I know, I know, it was bad for me to laugh but you would have to if you would have been there.

As the day went on, and more houses passed we decided to call it an end to the day and head home. The Realtor must have had a past life as a bird, because all the birds in the local vicinity decided they wanted to attack her car when she was driving. Now that is not anything funny. You feel bad when a bird gets hit, but hey, it's not your fault they were flying with their eyes closed. The funny part was when the Realtor closed her eyes and ducked. Now remember, we are INSIDE the car and she is DRIVING. Again I was laughing so hard it hurt.

Have you ever been attacked by birds?


AdagioBeadcrafters said...

Have I ever been attacked by birds? No.
But we had a cat once who used to get attacked by birds.
He was a lovely black and white cat we called Boots (white paws) and he enjoyed sitting in the breezeway of our Florida home.
Mockingbirds used to swoop down and try to peck him on the head.

Hope you find a new place soon!

Laughing Fridge Art Magnets said...

I was dive-bombed by a robin once, must've been to close to the nest...

Love your article, I was laughing along with you, hope you find your new home soon (pigeon free)!

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