Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free JEWELRY for Bridal/Wedding Help

Calling all readers who can help with this wedding.

As you read the posts below you will find out that I am on a budget. A severe budget with only 6 or so weeks left to plan this wedding. Read below posts to be brought up to date on the reason for this short planning time frame.

I am a magician...I will pull a rabbit out of my hat...well more likely I WILL plan a wedding in 8 weeks and it will turn out nice. Or so I am hoping. There may be screaming, tears and blood but it will get done. And I will NOT turn into a bridezilla. I hate those women. Wow I sound like a bridezilla...honest I'm nice.

So back to how YOU can get FREE jewelry. I own a business called Glitzy Gallery (if you haven't figured that out yet). I create handmade jewelry at very affordable prices. Well your price is free. That is...if you can help me out.

I am in need of certain things for this wedding and ideas also to keep this budget down but still have an elegant wedding and reception. I am willing to purchase everything I can from online if that helps in giving tips.

Most everything has been delegated but there are a few things that I am still in need of...
  • Lose fresh flowers that are all white or ivory so I can make my bouquet and all the other bouquets and boutonnieres (1 bridal, 3 boutonnieres, 3 bridesmaid bouquets).
  • Disposable wedding cameras. Minimum of 5 preferably 10.
  • Wedding bubbles for 100. (not champaign green bottles)
  • Wedding favors for 100.
  • Photographer (I just need the pictures taken but also have the CD at the end. No prints. I am a graphic designer after all...anyone in for a bit of airbrushing?)
  • DJ (I know about the ipod CD thing but don't have anyone to man it).
Colors for wedding: Pool (David's Bridal version of Tiffany Blue or Turquoise), Black and White
Setting: Sunset wedding outdoors on decking overlooking marsh with white twinkle lights and candles everywhere. Reception semi formal outdoor with same as wedding decor but round tables placed on different decks for seating with candle centerpieces.
Date: I will snap the neck of the next person who asks. Can you tell that is a touchy subject? Honestly the military still hasn't released any information yet so fingers crossed we get something soon. We are figuring on early March.
Guests: 100 from all over
Location: Northeastern Florida

So back to what I need from you. I need information or physical goods/services for this wedding. If you offer goods/services I will trade you for gift certificates to good for Graphic Design or Jewelry.

As for information on how to keep this wedding affordable or a tip that points me in the right direction for the above mentioned items/services will get you an entry into a gift certificate for my shop. Valentine's Day is coming soon so this is the perfect time to have that extra gift certificate waiting.

There is no deadline. Well maybe there is...the week before the wedding. So I will let you know. There is at least 6 weeks so get those ideas in. You can also email me your ideas/photos/links to or

Thank you everyone for your support and ideas. I really appreciate it.

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