Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Colors Have Been Chosen...That's about it!

Thanks to the deployment it has been next to impossible to do anything related to this wedding.

I am a planner. I love to be organized. And until I have the dates we can have our wedding I can barely do anything. I pity the next person who innocently asks "When is the date?" I may just have to bite their heads off. So sorry in advance.

No really, I can actually get everything ready and pray that our location is not booked when the dates do come around. I will definitely be saving ALL receipts for any purchases.

A new friend of mine has offered to loan me her beautiful wedding dress. I may just take her up on that. After looking at a few of her online photos I think it super funny to have her posed in the backyard in her wedding dress holding an axe. I thought I was the only one with that type of humor. Oh yeah, they also have her holding a chain saw, just in case the axe doesn't work fast or efficiently enough. And then another one with her kissing a large plastic frog. I guess you do have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.

We have decided on our color to be Turquoise with the normal white and black. Being the creative person I am, I can't wait to get my hands on some white pillar candles and turquoise glass rocks. Craft time at the Murray house. Oh how I miss using a glue gun. This may be my calling.

Oh and to all of you who are considering renting your chairs and tables for an event for 100, well well get ready to pay an arm and a leg. $900 for 100 chairs and 13 round tables. Can't I buy them for that?

I have been doing a bit of my planning around one of my coworkers who has a great sense of humor like myself. By the time I received the quote for the chairs, rental location, cake and caterer I had come to the best conclusion of all....and she calls me tacky. Everyone brings their own chairs, lawn chairs acceptable. Especially the ones with the fold out foot rest. The old time ones that you have to ratchet back and forth to get them to the desired level. Then each guest/family would bring a covered dish for the reception. One problem is most of the guests are coming from out of town. I see that happening one of two ways....way one, food is cold and not to a temperature that would allow people to stay alive after eating or ....way two, I see a lot of supermarket stickers on prepackaged foods. Either way I guess it works with me. And for the cake...a tower of chocolate cake donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Hey this all works for me just fine. Do you think it is tacky?

Due to the quickness of this ceremony and the need to be ready at a moment notice...Saturday will be spent checking out some locations and then darting south to David's Bridal to check out some wedding dresses. And after that, a trip to the local craft store to check out pricing for centerpiece and wedding favor items. Any ideas for affordable wedding favors for 100 guests?

Anyone have a wedding checklist that isn't harder to figure out than a Rubik cube? I would sure appreciate the help.

I hope I haven't bored you as much as my dog. Because at the moment she is snoring. Yes snoring like a fat man with his mouth open. She has no manners.


Girl_Industries said...

I'm not bored! I'm getting married on 19 September THIS YEAR, been engaged for nearly two years, so this is exciting :)

I have a great checklist but it's written out in my wedding file. I can't quite believe I have one of those, but it's true. We're in the middle of putting things into storage, so I'll dig it out, type it up and zap it over to you.

alfcreations said...

I have a few notes from my super budgeted wedding.
If you like the friend's dress-totally borrow. Trust me, it won't get worn again if you get your own.
I baked my own cupcakes for a wedding cake, and had the wedding at 2:00 in the afternoon. Fresh fruit, meat and cheese, and veggies at the reception afterwards.
Now, granted, my wedding was in May, but we had our rehearsal dinner, a cookout, at a local campground, stayed there that night and the night of the wedding. Had the reception on the lawn of the marina (we live on a river) and had a cookout at the same campground that night for our very close friends and family.
Stay away from traditional-or it will cost you an arm, a leg, and possibly your first born!