Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's official...I've started...

Cosmetology School

Finally, a dream of mine has come true and I am having a blast.

Don't worry, Glitzy Gallery Jewelry and Glitzy Gallery Graphics are not going anywhere. They will always be a part of me.

Class has been interesting and definitely informative. There is so much information to learn and they cram it all in very quickly.

Day one was funny now that I look back on it. It is the same day one everyone has when they start something new. Everyone eying each other, sizing up competition or trying to figure out if they want to be friends with the person sitting next to them or the person sitting across the room. And then on day one, everyone is so nervous, no one really shares anything about themselves. Everyone guessing what each other is like, how old, married, single, nice?

Oh how 2 weeks makes a difference. Now you can't shut us all up. We probably know more about each other than our closest friends do. That is what 8 hours of sitting in a classroom does to you. Not complaining, but you all know it is true.

As the weeks melt away, we will all get even more comfortable. And then that one magic day, they will release us to work on humans. Realllllll humans.

Now let me tell you, I've been messing with hair for years now and decided that my family's circumstances finally would allow me to do it for real. No more sitting in the kitchen giving a hair cut. I can come out of the dark and cut in a salon. How exciting.

So wish me luck and I will let you know when my chair opens and I am ready for clients.

I promise I won't cut your ear.


just me said...

just clicking on the next blog button and you were right after mine. sometimes this blog world sends us into the best of directions:) enjoy beauty school and absorb every bit they have to teach. the last day my teacher drew a small dot on the huge chalkboard and told us "this is what we have taught you and it's up to you to learn all the rest." i have never forgot that as this field does noone ever know everything yo will always learn something everyday and it always changes. another bit of advice, stay out of the drama!!lol i was about 5 yrs older then most of the girls i went with and it always amazed me the amount of drama. good luck to you most of all and welcome to a wonderful, crazy, wild, artistic, world of hairdressing!!! so many paths one can take then just working behind a chair, explore and have fun. sincerely r'chelle

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