Saturday, August 8, 2009

Have you ever locked yourself INSIDE a store?

Please say you have, so I am not the only one who has ever done that!

I went to the UPS store today, where my mailbox is, to check my mail. They give you a key to the front door if you need to check your mail after hours.

This was my first and LAST time ever going into the store when there wasn't anyone in there working. I was alone.

Being in the hurry I am I also left my purse with my cell phone in the car. Are you guessing what happened next?

I unlock the front door, check my box, and then head back to the front door. There is a little lever that says push. So I push of course. And push again, and again. Nothing. The door is jammed locked and it isn't doing anything!!!! I haven't set into panic mode yet but I am quickly approaching as I think to myself how I will survive an entire night in the UPS store. I then realize that today is Saturday and they do not reopen until Monday. Panic starts to set in and I frantically keep hitting, now beating, the push button on the door.

I walk around the store to see if there is a phone somewhere. But who the heck am I going to call? Hello 9-1-1 I locked myself into the UPS store. Yeah right, like they would take that one seriously. I don't have anyone local to me that I memorized their phone numbers. So I look over through the gates they have surrounding the store area to see if there is a phone on the counter. I imagine myself sticking my arm through the gate or fashioning some sort of lasso out of my pants and shirt to get the phone near to me. Then I realize that it won't look good if I am half naked trying to break into the store part of UPS.

I try the door again just to make sure I am not having a "dork" moment and I still can't get out. Luckily some women came to ship some packages and didn't know about the new shorter summer hours so they were panicking with me. One lady took off to the super market to get help and then another lady finds a mail slot in the wall and sticks her hand through. At this point I am not really needing her hand, maybe if it had a candy bar attached to it, but other than that what am I supposed to do with her hand. And then she says in a magical mystical all knowing voice...hand me your keys.

So I hand them to her and she can't get them through the hole because my keys are bigger then the opening. After a few moves she drags them through and is able to get me out.

I breathe in some of the fresh air after being in captive for 4 minutes. Oh how it is good to be a free woman. I am definately never going to jail. I don't think I could make it more then three minutes tops.

What is the stupidest thing you have ever had happen to you in a store?


Licia said...

Thanks for the giggle! I am glad it was only a few minutes. I spent a few years locked in a vault 3 hours at a time and that was on purpose but it still was not a good feeling. Think you are on camera?

Maybeads said...

That is crazy! I'm sure it was a long 4 minutes! I once lost my car keys when I was at a forest preserve with my then toddler son. I had to hike to a pay phone to call my husband, who had to leave work to pick me up and take me home to get other keys. Right when he pulled up I walked across the grass and something shiny caught my eye in the grass - yep, my keys. So typical of me.

Curtis Collectables :) said...

My husband lost his keys inside of a Target. We never found them. Instead we had to wait 2 hours outside in the rain the nice man to come and break into the car and make us a new key. Expensive mistake.

Girl_Industries said...

I got trapped in a lift 20 minutes before the bells on New Years Eve! The fire brigade refused to come out because we were in the restricted part of Edinburgh (you needed a ticket to get in to that part of town), and hello, it was nearly New Year!

My friend Andy, who was on the outside, busted us out with seconds to spare before midnight. I think he found a piece of floorboard somewhere, and he used it to wedge open the doors.

The five people I knew in the lift were all fine, we had a bottle of champagne with us, and were settling down to wait for rescue, but two women we'd never met before were freaking out about losing oxygen and dying in there, and that kind of nonsense is hard to ignore in a confined space.

So I was totally relieved to get busted out, although it would have been a better story if we'd spent all of New Year's Eve in there, telling stories, drinking our champagne, but it wasn't to be.

LoveCharlesVintage said...

I have to say I throughly enjoyed reading this story. I like your writing style! My friend locked us out of my house once because she didn't know the front door locked when closed. I had to break into the back porch.
The stupidest thing I did in a store happened when I was around 7, so it's sort of alright. I was playing that game where you can only jump onto the white tiles on the floor (you know what I mean I'm sure) and I knocked over a wine wrack. It was a mess, to say the least. Your story really takes the cake though!

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