Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who just visited my website?

When I find something I love I have to tell everyone I can.

What better way than on my blog?

These people have not paid me to say this nor do I think they even know who I am....

I love

What is it you may say?

This site will generate a code that you copy and paste into your html of your website or blog and it will track the hits that you receive. You then log onto their site and it shows you detailed accounts of who was on your site and when. It also has a nifty map that you click on and it puts a dot for each person in the world who visited your site.

It tracks how people find you through search engines and what keywords they search by. It is so fun at the end of the day to log on and see how many people have visited me. You can also opt for the counter to be invisible so no one knows it is there. Best of is FREE!

That's my two cents. Enjoy!

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